APRIL 2006



LINCOLNSHIRE, IL — Ford Gum & Machine Company, the leading creator of interactive candy and gum novelty products, is introducing ROLLY POP ROLLER CANDY. ROLLY POP ROLLER CANDY is a fun-to-use liquid candy featuring a unique roll-on delivery system that allows kids to roll the liquid directly from the dispenser on to the tongue or lips. It is perfect for kids that want an interactive candy experience and great taste. ROLLY POP comes in four delicious flavors: strawberry, watermelon, blue raspberry and grape..

ROLLY POP ROLLER CANDY’S bright, colorful packaging and convenient display box are designed to “stand-out” whether sold on the shelf or counter. With an MSRP of $0.79 per bottle, retailers can look forward to strong profit margins. It is packed 24 units per display with 6 displays per case.

Product testing shows that ROLLY POP ROLLER CANDY appeals equally to boys and girls but each child figures out his or her own method for consuming the great tasting liquid candy. Testing also showed strawberry, watermelon, blue raspberry and grape to be the flavors that appealed to the greatest number of children.

“We fully expect ROLLY POP ROLLER CANDY to be the next big ‘POP’ in the candy aisle,” says Steve Gold, Sr. Vice President Sales & Marketing. “Kids want food and snack products that appear unique and offer a sense of direct involvement. Liquid candy as a relatively new market segment fulfills that need. The bottom line is that ROLLY POP ROLLER CANDY with its variety of tangy flavors, unique delivery system and excellent price point makes this a fun, interactive and affordable treat for kids.”


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