APRIL 2007



AKRON, NY — Ford Gum & Machine Company announces its complete Carousel Christmas 2007 Product Line that includes GUMBALL MACHINES and NOVELTY STOCKING STUFFERS, 10 of which are BRAND NEW. In addition, a full line of top selling Carousel Gumball Machines, traditional and sugar free Gumball Refills and Candy Dispensers in all price ranges is also available for the Holiday Season.

“The Holiday Program offers a broad range of products, price points and merchandising options,” says Steve Greene, Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “Each of the Carousel items features exceptional consumer value, high retail margins, unique, fun designs, and a variety of styles & flavors. This allows the retailer to offer its customers a product assortment that appeal to both adults and children at all the key price points.”

The Ford Gum 2007 Carousel Product Line:

Holiday Gumball Machine Toy Bank
A 5” plastic Gumball Machine filled with 1.4oz of red, green and white bubblegum balls. Bank accepts coins through slot in the back of the machine. The bottom opens to remove the coins. Each bank is individually shrinkwrapped. A Great Stocking Stuffer!
Case pack: 2/18. SRP: $0.99.

Holiday Classic 9” Gumball Machine Coin Bank
A 9” plastic Gumball Machine with 4oz of red, green and white bubblegum balls. Bank is coin operated and accepts pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. Packaged in an open window display box. Makes a Great Gift Item!
Case pack: 12. SRP $5.99.

Christmas Ornament Pixie Dispenser
A 3 1/2” plastic “Gumball Machine” with .75oz of candy. The Gumball Machine dispenser includes string to hang on Christmas Tree as an ornament. Comes individually shrinkwrapped Perfect Stocking Stuffer or Christmas Tree Decoration!
Case pack: 2/24. SRP: $0.99.

Petite Gumball Machine w/8 oz. Gum
Durable 9” die-cast metal Gumball Machine with 8oz of assorted color gumballs. Machine is coin operated and accepts pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. Comes packaged in a 4-color Display Box Makes a great gift Item!
Case pack: 12. SRP: $14.99.

Musical Christmas Ornament w/Holiday Candy
A 2 ¾” plastic Christmas Ornament filled with 1.2oz of holiday candy. Features a “push button” to play “Jingle Bells” tune. Batteries are included for “Try Me” at Retail outlets. A terrific stocking stuffer or tree decoration!
Case pack: 2/15. SRP: $0.99.

Christmas Ornament Candy Filled Dispenser
This 2 ¾” plastic Christmas Ornament comes filled with 1.2oz of holiday candy. Simple to use. Just “press down on top” to dispense candy from bottom. A great stocking stuffer or tree decoration!
Case pack: 2/15. SRP: $0.89.

Polar Bears Sour Powder Christmas Ornaments
Each package includes three 3” collectable plastic polar bear ornaments filled with .5oz of candy each for a total of 1.5oz of candy. Christmas hats “pop off to pour out sour powder treats” in delicious Sour Cherry, Sour Green Apple, and Sour Watermelon. Perfect for a stocking or a Tree decoration!
Case pack: 2/12 SRP: $0.99.

Lighted Nose Reindeer Lip Candy Pacifier
Fun-filled plastic Reindeer Lips with a “bright nose that lights up and blinks.” Individually wrapped .7oz lollipop pacifier. Batteries are included. The Retail Display includes a working, blinking lighted nose! A fun stocking stuffer!
Case pack: 2/12. SRP: $0.99.

Snowman Lollipops w/Bubble Gum Center
Each package includes three 2 1/4” collectable plastic snowman characters that easily open to expose a sweet lollipop inside. Every .5oz lollipop includes a surprise bubble gum center for 1.5oz total candy. The plastic snowman can be re-closed to save the lollipop for later. A winning stocking stuffer!
Case pack: 2/12. SRP: $0.99.

Light Up Reindeer Candy Cane Lollipop
A light-up reindeer that features a 1oz. lollipop on a plastic candy cane stick. Easy to use. Just activate the bright blinking light by pushing the button on the bottom of stick. Batteries are included for “try me” at the retail counter. Kids will love this stocking stuffer!
Case pack: 24. SRP: $0.99.

Marshmallow Snowballs w/Gummy Slush Ball Center
Each bag includes 100 - 1g Gummy filled marshmallows with a sweet gummie center filling! Comes in a count good 4” x 6” bag. A fun stocking stuffer!
Case pack: 2/14. SRP: $0.99.

Musical Holiday Piano with Candy
This unique battery operated 6” plastic piano features two musical functions: 1. Press keys to play notes or 2. Press a key to play a 5 Second Holiday Tune. AA Batteries Included for “TRY ME” at Retail. 0.8oz of candy is included. A Stocking Stuffer that makes an impression!
Case pack: 2/20. SRP: $0.99.

Ford Gum & Machine Company is a leading manufacturer of premium gum and confectionery products including the full line of Carousel brand gumball machines and refills. For more information contact Ford Gum & Machine Company, Sales & Marketing 640 Margate Drive, Lincolnshire, IL 60069. Phone: 847-955-0003. Fax: 847-955-0004. www.fordgum.com. Email: sales@fordgum.com. ###

Corporate Contact:
Steve Greene, V.P. Sales & Marketing. Phone: 847-955-0003
Ford Gum & Machine Company. E-mail: sales@fordgum.com