LINCOLNSHIRE, IL. Ford Gum & Machine Company is expanding it's line of Carousel® novelty candy, stocking stuffers & party favors, and classic gumball machines & bubble gum for Christmas 2008.

"Low priced stocking stuffers are exactly what parents are looking for, and the candy aisle is the perfect place to find these items", says Steve Greene, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, "The Carousel Christmas novelty items are appealing to Retailers due to their strong consumer appeal and high profit margins."

The Holiday Gumball Machine Toy Bank is a 5" working gumball dispenser with 1.4oz of gumballs. The Musical Christmas Ornament plays 7 Christmas Carols and includes 1.2oz of dextrose candy. The Gumball Tube of 12 Christmas Bubble Gumballs includes 2.3oz of red, green & white gum. Plus 12 other holiday items, each offering fun & unique styling with exceptional consumer value,

Ford Gum's 2008 Christmas Line is made up of fifteen novelty items packed in counter displays, shippers, and clip strips.

Holiday Gumball Machine Toy Bank
A 5" plastic gumball dispenser with a "Happy Holidays" message and 1.4oz of gumballs. Case Pack: 4/12; SRP: $.99 - $1.29

Christmas Bubble Gumballs -12 pieces
12 ball tube of 2.3oz of fruit flavored Holiday gumballs. Case Pack: 6/24; SRP: $.79 - $.99

Polar Bear Sour Christmas Ornaments
Three 3" plastic polar bear Christmas ornament, each filled with .4oz of sour candy powder. The Santa hats easily pop off to pour out the sour powder treats. Case Pack: 2/12; SRP: $.99 - $1.29

Lunch Box™ Gummi Holiday Treats
A complete meal of sweet & sour flavored gummy holiday treats, uniquely packaged in our successful 1.69oz Lunch Box™ Gummi package design. Case Pack: 6/12; SRP: $.99 - $1.29

Snowman Lollipops with Bubble Gum Center
Three 2" collectable Snowman characters that easily snap open to expose a .5oz Lollipop, and can be closed again to save the pop for later. Case Pack: 2/12; SRP: $.99 - $1.29

Giant Bubble Gum Candy Cane
A classic 2.3oz Christmas Candy Cane made of fruit flavored bubble gum! Case Pack: 2/24; SRP: $.99 - $1.29

Reindeer Lips Candy Cane Lollipop with Lighted Nose
Wearable plastic reindeer lips with a lighted nose that can be worn while enjoying a .6oz candy cane lollipop attached to the back. It's fun, safe, and delicious! Case Pack: 2/12; SRP: $.99 - $1.29

Musical Holiday Piano with Candy
A 5" plastic Piano that includes .2oz of dextrose Holiday candy and electronically plays eight Christmas carols. Batteries included for "TRY ME" at Retail. Case Pack: 2/20; SRP: $.99 - $1.29

Musical Christmas Ornament with Candy
The 2 1/2" plastic Christmas ornament is filled with 1.2oz of holiday shaped dextrose candy, and plays eight Christmas carols. Batteries included for "Try Me" at Retail. Case Pack: 2/15; SRP: $.99 - $1.29

Holiday Classic Gumball Machine Coin Bank
A classic, coin operated 8 1/2" plastic Gumball Machine that includes 8oz of Christmas gumballs. Pack: 12; SRP: $5.99 - $7.49

Petite Metal Gumball Machine with 8oz of Bubble Gum.
A 9" antique style gumball machine made from cast aluminum with a sturdy glass globe and includes 8oz of assorted gumballs. Pack: 12; SRP: $14.99 - $16.99

Ford Gum & Machine Company is the only manufacturer of sugar-free gumball products and is a leading producer of premium gum and confectionery products including the full line of Carousel brand Gumball machines and refills. For more information contact Ford Gum & Machine Company, Inc., Sales & Marketing 640 Margate Drive, Lincolnshire, IL 60069.  Phone: 847-955-0003.  Fax: 847-955-0004.  www.fordgum.com. Email: sales@fordgum.com.