LINCOLNSHIRE, IL - Ford Gum & Machine Company is emphasizing NOVELTY CANDY for Halloween 2008, with an exciting lineup of Novelty Gum & Candy Impulse Gift and Party Favor items.

The Novelty Halloween Line includes Lunch Box™ Gummi Body Parts, a fun & delicious line extension to the popular Lunch Box™ Gummies. And, a great value jumbo-size 12 ball Gumball tube. Each orange or black gumball is printed with a Halloween graphic.

Since Halloween is about nighttime activities, Ford is introducing a Halloween Flashlight Assortment and Halloween Safety Light, each filled with dextrose candy Halloween character shapes.

Spooky Halloween Heads with Sour Powder Candy, Pumpkin Lollipops with Bubble Gum Center, and Halloween Lip Lollipops round out the Novelty Halloween line. Each offers fun & unique styling with exceptional consumer value,

The Halloween Floor Displays allow Retailers the opportunity to present the best-selling Novelty Halloween Candy in one single price point display.

"Halloween candy sales have increased every year since 2002", says Steve Greene, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, "led by Non-Chocolate Halloween themed candy. Retailers have been very supportive of the Novelty Line, directly feeling the effects of the high profit items on their bottom line."

The 2008 Halloween line is made up of eight unique counter displays, and two complete shippers.

Halloween Lunch Box Gummi Body Parts
Each Halloween style Lunch Box contains a "complete meal" of delicious fruit flavored gummies, in hauntingly fun styles, including; bloody brains, severed fingers, black eyeballs, and moldy tongues. Great for Halloween Parties and gifts. Includes 1.7oz in every box. Case Pack 6/12; SRP: $.99

Halloween Lunch Box Gummi - Shipper Display
A complete display of the 1.7oz Lunch Box™ Gummi Body Parts. The 29" x 14" display includes a sturdy floor base and clips for use as a powerwing. Case Pack 1/72; SRP: $.99

Haunted Heads Bubble Gum Balls
12 delicious fruit flavored orange & black gumballs with a haunted design printed on each ball. There is 3.6oz of Gum in each tube. Case Pack 6/12; SRP: $.99.

Halloween Novelty Floor Display
A complete single price-point Halloween candy department in one display. The display is 36" x 18" and can be used as a floor display or powerwing. Includes an assortment of the best selling $.99 Novelty Halloween Candy items for party favors or gift giving. Case Pack 1/66; SRP: $.99

Halloween Lips Lollipops:
Safe, fun, plastic costume lips in 2 assorted styles: Vampire & Princess. Lips include a delicious sweet 1oz Lollipop Pacifier to enjoy while in costume. Cardboard mask is 3"x4"; Case Pack 2/20; SRP: $0.59.

Spooky Halloween Heads:
Includes three 3-inch collectible plastic Halloween Heads filled with .4oz each of SOUR POWDER CANDY. Character Head Pops open to Pour out sour powder treats. Delicious Sour Cherry, Sour Green Apple, and Sour Grape flavors. A great Halloween gift item! Case Pack 2/12; SRP: $0.99.

Lollipop Patch Lollipops:
Includes three 2 " collectible plastic Halloween Pumpkins that easily open to expose a sweet lollipop. Each .5oz Lollipop includes a Surprise Bubble Gum Center. Pumpkins can be re-closed to save the lollipop for later. Great party favor or gift item. Case Pack 2/12; SRP: $0.99.

Halloween Flashlight with Candy:
Halloween just got safer with these two assorted style Flashlights: Jack-O-Lantern and Frankenstein. Includes 2 Button-Cell Batteries and "TRY ME" switch for bright working flashlight. Halloween dextrose candy shapes can easily be dispensed to eat. Terrific gift item or party favor. .4oz of candy. Case Pack 2/24; SRP: $0.99.

Halloween Safety Light with Candy
Perfect for trick or treating, this safety light toy will light the way on Halloween night! Goes with any costume! Makes a great gift item. Includes 3 button-cell batteries and "TRY ME" switch for dazzling light show. Door on Pumpkin allows easy access to delicious dextrose candy treats. .7oz of candy. Case Pack 1/24; SRP: $1.99.

Ford Gum & Machine Company is the only manufacturer of sugar-free gumball products and is a leading producer of premium gum and confectionery products including the full line of Carousel brand Gumball machines and refills. For more information contact Ford Gum & Machine Company, Inc., Sales & Marketing 640 Margate Drive, Lincolnshire, IL 60069.  Phone: 847-955-0003.  Fax: 847-955-0004.  www.fordgum.com. Email: sales@fordgum.com.