APRIL 2008



LINCOLNSHIRE, IL. Ford Gum & Machine Company is introducing it's line of Carousel® Valentine's Day 2009 candy.

The NEW line includes unique novelty candy, and emphasizes non-chocolate, the fastest growth portion of the Valentine's Day candy category.

The Gummy Sweet Hearts is a beautiful boxed 2.1oz set of 10 gummy Valentine's Day candy hearts. The Lip Lollipops Friendship Exchange Bag includes 30 individually wrapped lollipops attached to Diva Girl or Wacky Boy styled plastic lips to wear even after the candy is gone. Plus 5 additional Valentine's Day items, each offering fun & unique styling with exceptional consumer value,

Ford Gum's 2009 Valentine's Day Line is made up of 2 friendship exchange bags and 5 novelty items.

Gummy Sweet Hearts
A boxed gummy Valentine's Day hearts package. Includes 2.1oz of 10 gummy hearts. . Pack: 4/12; SRP: $.99

Valentine Candy Lollipop Bouquet
The large bouquet of jelly beans and 3 heart shape lollipops is 8" tall and includes 3oz of Valentine candy. Pack 4/12; SRP: $1.99

Valentine Lip Pop Lollipops
These assorted diva girl and wacky boy styled characters have a .7oz Valentine lollipop pacifier, plastic lips, and cardboard mini-mask attached. Pack: 4/12; SRP: $.99

Be Mine Bubble Gum Heart
A 3 1/4" clear plastic heart filled with 2.3oz of red, pink, and white bubble gumballs Pack: 4/12; SRP: $.99

Lip Pops Lollipops - Friendship Exchange Bags
A 30 pc. bag of Valentine exchange packages. Each .2oz dextrose candy pacifier lollipop is attached to a diva girl or wacky boy style plastic lips. Pack: 12; SRP: $2.99

Jewelry Candy Watches & Bracelets - Friendship Exchange Bags
30 Valentine's Day exchange packages in popular .4oz candy jewelry styling. Pack: 12; SRP: $2.99

Valentine Gumball Machine Toy Bank
Each 5" Plastic Gumball Machine has a "To: / From" message, and includes 1.4oz of Gumballs. Pack: 4/12; SRP: $1.29 - $1.49

Ford Gum & Machine Company is the only manufacturer of sugar-free gumball products and is a leading producer of premium gum and confectionery products including the full line of Carousel brand Gumball machines and refills. For more information contact Ford Gum & Machine Company, Inc., Sales & Marketing 640 Margate Drive, Lincolnshire, IL 60069.  Phone: 847-955-0003.  Fax: 847-955-0004.  www.fordgum.com. Email: sales@fordgum.com.