Ford Gum has been a leading United States manufacturer of confectionery gum products for over 70 years. Since the 1960s, Ford has developed and manufactured specialized gum formulations for a variety of customers and markets, becoming the first U.S. gum manufacturer to produce value-added gum products.

Whatever your objectives may be, line extensions for existing gum brands, store branding, or creating a new product using chewing gum as an effective delivery system, with over 40 years of development experience for the private label, Ford Gum is confident that we can offer you the quality and innovation necessary to help fulfill your requirements.

Offerings and Customers


Ford Gum has specialized in developing and producing sugar and sugar-free extruded gum products in tablet and ball form for over 100 years.

We are the largest US private label gum manufacturer and have been providing products in accordance with all USA applicable laws. We hold a New York State food license, are Kosher certified and have obtained Safe Quality Foods (SQF) Level 2 certification. Inspection data available upon request.


Ford Gum can also deliver the goods with a wide choice of packaging options, customized to your requirements: Bulk Packing Blister Packaging Flow Wrap Bags Tubs

Bulk Packing

Blister Packaging

Flow Wrap

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Gum Types

Ford Gum offers a variety of gum types:

Chewing Gum – Geared to the adult market as a sugared or sugar-free product.

Bubble Gum – Primarily sold as a sugared youth-type product.

Dedicated Center – The same flavor is placed in the center as in the coating.

Non-Dedicated Center – A bubble gum flavor is placed in the center. At the coating stage, the final flavor (e.g. grape, cherry, lemon/lime) is added.


One way you can judge us is by the company we keep. We are proud to be the supplier of choice by the following companies:

B-Fresh Xylitol Gum

Glee Gum by Verve, Inc.

Functional Benefits

Ford Gum capabilities include the development and production of gum which uses unique and healthy ingredients that compliment a healthy lifestyle:

Dental Teeth Cleaning

Dental and Oral Hygiene

General Health Dental Whitening